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Orginally Published in Low Intensity Conflict & Law Enforcement, vol. 4, no. 2, Autumn 1995


The following list of worldwide locations is seemingly unrelated in any way: Eritrea, Abkhazia, Chiapas, Tatarstan, Corsica, Yemen, Xinjiang, Quebec, Gaucho Pampa, Lombardi, Sri Lanka, Somaliland, Cabinda, Assam, Irian Jaya, Transnistria, Crimea, Hawaii, Scotland, Kashmir, California and Illinois. But what these and other areas all have in common are separatist movements currently operating or being formed within their boundaries, sometimes as full-scale armed insurrections as in Chiapas or Abkhazia, or as peaceful, legally based secessionist movements as in Quebec, Scotland, and Hawaii.
The impetus for seeking autonomy often involves multifarious political, economic, religious, and ethnic factors. The section below titled "Political, Economic, Ethical, and Legal Issues" lists scholarly publications analyzing such complex issues as principles of self-determination, minority freedoms and rights, right of secession, limits of self-determination, issues of international law, problem of new states' viability, difference between secession and self-determination, and U.S. responses to autonomy movements around the world.
This selected bibliography on separatist movements contains citations dating from 1990 through March 1995. They are subdivided by regions of the world except for the section of issues mentioned above and are arranged alphabetically by author under each section.
A new reference source scheduled for publication in 1995, Encyclopedia of Modern Separatist Movements by Stephen Dunn and published by ABC Clio [ISBN 0-87436-752-2], will undoubtedly be a valuable starting place for researchers studying this topic.


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